Easter Bunny Parfait

Easter Bunny Parfait

Ingredients :


Whipped Cream


Pink Sugar Crystals

Trifle dishes


angel food cake cut into cubes or white pound cake cut into cubes

white chocolate shavings

chocolate chips


Slice some strawberries and mix them with a bit of sugar. Let them set for at least 30 minutes to allow the juices accumulate.

Assemble the desserts. Stick strawberries to the sides of the trifle glass. They must be damp, but not too wet or they’ll slide

Pour a little bit of the strawberry juice on the bottom of the glass

Add a layer of pound cake cubes, then a layer of whipped cream, a few strawberry slices, repeat finishing with whipped cream.

Cut a marshmallow diagonally, then cut the corners off. dip the cut side into pink sugar to form the ears. Dip the small corner cut pieces in sugar to form little noses.

Place a whole strawberry on top of the parfait and cover with a mound of whipped cream. Add 2 small mounds of whipped cream to form “feet” in the front of the parfait.

Cover liberally with white chocolate shavings.

Add the ears, nose and 2 small chocolate bits for eyes.

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