Divinity Recipe

Divinity Recipe
You'll Need
3 C. white sugar
1 C. light Karo Syrup
1/2 C. water
2 egg whites, room temperature
1 tsp. clear vanilla
nuts if desired

How to make it
Bring the sugar, Karo syrup and water to a boil in a heavy saucepan.  
 Cover pan for 2 minutes
to steam down the sides and dissolve any sugar crystals.  Boil to
254 (remember to calibrate your thermometer - it is worth investing
in a good thermometer if you want to make candy - it should measure every
2 degrees.  Meanwhile
beat your egg whites to a stiff peak.  When the syrup has reached
temperature, remove it from the heat and slowly pour it into the egg whites
while they continue to beat.  After you have finished pouring the syrup
in, begin timing the beating process.  Beat on high for 7-9 minutes.  At
7 minute, stop the beaters and drop a test spoonful.  If it is runny and
glossy, it is not ready.  About now add your vanilla.
Test again at 8 minutes.  Mine usually is finished
at 9 minutes.  
Meanwhile set out parchment paper.  I spray mine with Pam for an
even easier release.  Spray two spoons for each person who will
be spooning out the Divinity with Pam.  Fill a large bowl with ice and
set aside.
When the Divinity sample looks right, remove the mixer bowl and
place it in the bowl of ice.  Begin to quickly spoon out the Divinity.
It should make about 30 pieces of candy.
Add a nut on top if desired.
Let cool.  Cover tightly to keep it fresh.  Ours never lasts too long
as we eat it up quickly!

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