Strawberry Margarita Granita

Strawberry Margarita Granita

A frozen cocktail for dessert… this is so delicious and a very refreshing end to a meal.  It contains as much alcohol as you’d expect to find in a cocktail, so be careful!

Serves 4
Prep time:   15 minutes
Freezing time: 3 hours

50g caster sugar
400g strawberries
4 limes
100ml tequila
50 ml orange liqueur (Triple Sec, Cointreau or Grand Marnier)


1.    Place the sugar in a pan with 150ml water and heat gently, until the sugar has dissolved.  Set aside to cool.
2.    Hull and halve the strawberries and place in a food processor.  Add the juice of three limes and blitz until smooth.  Pass the strawberry mixture through a fine sieve into the cooled syrup and then stir in the tequila and orange liqueur.
3.    Pour the mixture into a shallow container and freeze for 3 hours.  Meanwhile thinly slice the remaining lime, place on cling film and place in the freezer.
4.    Scrape the surface of the granite with a folk to loosen the crystals.  Spoon into 4 tumblers or margarita glasses, serve with a slice of frozen lime.  Enjoy!  I would make double the quantity as your guests will want more.

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